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Have a product to launch but not sure where to get started?

Whether you need handholding or just the tech done for you - we are the right team for you.

I know how you feel. When I started, I spent 6 months figuring out all the launch steps and eventually launched to a whooping $3,500.

That defining moment showed me the reason why we all need support. With hundreds of launches under our belt, not only will we help you launch, we will show you the fastest and easier way to launch with little to no overwhelm.

Our extensive experience allows us to hold your hand, walk you through and support you in your launch journey. From building your list to having a 6 figure launch, we will be with you all the way.

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Thembi Bheka speaking at the Product Launch Formula with Jeff Walker
A screenshot of the product launch formula roadmap

Invented by our mentor Jeff Walker, these are now used in every industry. We actually use the Product Launch Formula for everything. From email copy to webinars. PLF is not just a series of 3 videos and a sales video.

When you sign up for the done with you launch, we will walk you through the process and support you in your product launch with strategy and the tech you need.

Off course, you can get support with just the launch tech need if you have your strategy in check. After supporting many successful launches, we have a proven process and system.

A screenshot of a webinar launch

We love webinars. This is the fastest way to create value for your list while creating income. A webinar launch is quick, easier and a faster way to give value and offer a service or product to your audience.

This type of launch works best for quick result-oriented offers. Our clients have gone from zero to 6 figure launches using webinars alone.

If you need to bring in quick cash and don't have time for a full blown launch, we would love to support you with your webinar launch tech needs.

A screenshot of a summit launch

For years, we have used summits to build our highly engaged list. Summits are a great way to establish yourself in any industry, position yourself as an authority and build your list fast.

We have helped experts like you go from hiding to being the go to expert in their industry.

We have the systems, automations and knowledge to support you as you build your highly engaged list.


Don’t just take our word, here is what our clients say

Tim Ringgold
Just had an amazing 30-minute power session with the amazing Thembi Bheka on virtual summits. She shared a nugget I want to pass on, which is if you are planning a summit as a part of your launch, organize each day inside of the PLC sequence.
Tim Ringgold
Zach Tolan
YOU’RE the best! I’m moving 5x faster now because of you and your team!!!
Zach Tolan
Cory Sperle
In 30 days they have built a complete funnel with 2 lead magnets, organized a webinar, as well as a large summit I’m hosting. This would have been impossible on my own.
Cory Sperle
Catherine Gruener
Thembi’s VA service has been invaluable to my online business. Fast, reliable, professional. Her VA’s are the best in the business. Highly recommend.
Catherine Gruener
Sunni Chapman
I am really pleased with how well I was listened to and how well the instructions I gave for my needs were followed. I never have had to repeatedly ask for the same thing EVER which I really appreciate, one request and it was done and followed. Replies were always quick and things were done right and on time, communication stayed excellent and friendly! I am very pleased and I would highly recommend!
Sunni Chapman
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