Anne LaFollete's Story of Breaking Barriers at 55

August 24, 2023
Anne LaFollete's Story of Breaking Barriers at 55
Discover Anne LaFollette's incredible journey of starting anew at 55 after job loss and building a successful online business as a Creative Entrepreneur and Surface Designer.
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As you join me on another episode from, I want you to picture yourself losing your executive position at the age of 55 and needing to make a fresh start. Scary right? Well, this is precisely what occurred to our special guest, Anne LaFollette. 

Anne LaFollette, a Creative Entrepreneur and Surface Designer lost her job at the age of 55 and had to start anew. She eventually created a business that earned her a significant income and her journey is truly incredible!

During our chat, Anne shared how she moved into the online world  and found her love for surface design and teaching others. She also talks about why it's essential to expand and shift from traditional to online business and how this can help you reach more people and have more significant opportunities.

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Here is a glance at the episode 

  • A Day in the Life of Anne - (01:10)
  • The Unexpected Job Loss - (04:13)
  • Breaking Barriers -Starting an Online Business, From Doodles to Dollars - (09:05)
  • The Reality of Imposter Syndrome - (12:43)
  • Moving from Offline to Online - (14:20)
  • Starting Small and Growing Comfortably - (20:50)
  • Parting Words of Advice - (27:17)

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