Leading with Purpose : A Conversation with Sumayya Hassan

March 16, 2023
Leading with Purpose : A Conversation with Sumayya Hassan
Meet Sumayya Hassan, an award-winning lawyer, and CEO dedicated to social impact. Discover her vision, initiatives for women, insights on leadership, and more in this inspiring podcast.
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Welcome to today's episode of She Breaks Thru! I am pumped up because I have a special guest today. She is a phenomenal woman who has achieved numerous accolades throughout her career and has been recognized for her outstanding leadership and dedication to empowering others.

Her impressive background includes being a lawyer, an Eisenhower Fellow, and an alumna of prestigious universities such as Oxford and Stanford. She is the CEO of Takaful Insurance of Africa Limited, the first fully-fledged Takaful Operator in East and Central Africa. In addition, she sits on several boards of listed and private companies and the not-for-profit sector. 

She is a youth and women empowerment champion and has initiated various programs for economic advancement. In this podcast, she talks about her experience in leadership and breaking barriers in a patriarchal society. I cannot wait to dive deep into her story and learn from her experiences. So, without further ado, please welcome our fantastic guest, Sumayya Hassan.

Here is a glance at the episode 

  • Introduction (0:38)
  • Joining Takaful Insurance & Making An Impact (05:38)
  • Leading With Purpose (13:52)
  • Getting Your Team On Board With Your Vision (15:17)
  • Beating the Odds in a Patriarchal Society (19:35)
  • The Ripple Effect of Not Giving Up (25:35)
  • Parting Advice for Listeners ( 29:38)

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