The Art of Career Mastery: Insights from Executive Coach May Busch

April 7, 2023
The Art of Career Mastery: Insights from Executive Coach May Busch
Get actionable career tips from Executive Coach May Busch, in this inspiring podcast episode. Unlock your potential and excel professionally! #CareerGrowth #LeadershipTips
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Are you feeling stuck in your career and craving a change? Do you aspire to become a better leader and excel professionally? If so, you're in for a treat in this podcast episode! Our guest, May Busch, a former COO of Morgan Stanley Europe turned Executive Coach, Speaker, Advisor, and Author, shares invaluable insights and wisdom that will inspire and guide you toward unlocking your potential in your career.

After her illustrious career in banking, May is now sharing her hard-earned wisdom to help professionals become better leaders and succeed more efficiently. She is the Founder and CEO of Career Mastery™, an online resource providing actionable tips and career advice for professionals to excel in their careers, get recognized, promoted, and be paid more.

 With her vast corporate experience and passion for helping professionals succeed, May Busch's advice is a must-listen for anyone looking to accelerate their career growth, make strategic career changes, and master the art of leadership. So get ready to be motivated and empowered as we delve into May Busch's winning strategies and actionable tips in this episode.

Here is a glance at this episode

  • Serving as COO at Morgan Stanley - (05:09)
  • Women and Volunteering - (10:10)
  • The Leadership Double Bind - (11:39)
  • Advancing Your Career in the Corporate World - (12:57)
  • May Talks About her Breakthrough Moment - (21:50)
  • May's Winning Marketing Strategy - (26:30)
  • Parting Piece of Guidance - (31:42)

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